5 Success Tips For Debt Collection Following The Pandemic

Debt Collection

The effects of the pandemic seem to have worn off on a lot of industries as things have started to stabilize. However, some industries, like debt collection, are still struggling to get back on track. The increased financial crisis caused during the pandemic has caused a severe strain on the debt collection industry. Now, debt…

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Facts You Need to Know About Debt Collection

No one likes to hear from a debt collector. If you have unpaid bills, you will likely get that call sooner or later. There is a significant reason people don’t like debt collection agencies’ tactics; they are stress-inducing. There are a few things that debt collectors in the UK never tell you. These can help…

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Why Traditional Debt Collection is A Thing of The Past

Technology is taking over the financial sector by storm. With the arrival of the internet, everything is digitalized to make the industry faster. The number of transactions is increasing significantly, and the traditional debt collection methods can no longer keep up with the fast-paced digital financial world. Hence, the collections sector needs to introduce digital…

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How Tech And Automation Support Debt Collection At Scale

Debt collection

Technology is transforming how everything works in the modern world. Most Fintech industries, like lending and payments, have embraced these changes for quite some time. However, the debt collection industry lagged ‌in terms of technological advancements. With the onset of the pandemic, digital mediums became indispensable. The debt collection industry also caught up on the…

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What is Digital Debt Collection And Why it Works

Digital Debt Collection

Digitization is happening in every industry and sector in the world. Introducing digitization has changed how industries function and what customers expect from businesses. Now, customers expect companies to communicate with them digitally and amiably. The collections industry needs to switch to digital platforms to engage customers.  The debt collection industry has always had a…

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Taking on a $5 billion market: Collections Software Startup DebtCo raises €750k early-stage investment.

21 January 2022   Rijswijk based DebtCo raised €750k in early-stage investment from several investors. Automating collections activities: DebtCo’s data driven platform CollectIC, helps companies to get their unpaid invoices paid faster, waste less time on manual activities and provides a better payment experience for their clients. Endless Use cases: Less than a year since…

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Debtco launches digital collections in the UK

We are proud to announce that Debtco International is launching its digital debt collection services to the UK market. Earlier this year, Debtco launched its all-in-one collections platform CollectIC to the Dutch market. Since then, we have seen the tremendous opportunity to expand the services to other markets and so decided to bring this to…

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