Empowering your clients with the FinView App.

FinView is the first complete self-service collections app that gives your clients complete control on managing the cases themselves. Since we launched, more than 80% of human interactions have been replaced by our app.

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FinView App Features

The FinView app is the complete self-service app that empowers your clients to take control on their unpaid accounts with you.

Available online or via both Apple and Google App stores, FinView is a secure solution that provides your clients with a 24/7 service where they can pay in one go, create their own payment plan or raise a question direct with your team.

  • Secure sign-up process

FinView provides an easy sign-up process that is as secure as any bank signup process.

  • Global payment links

No matter where you client is located, we can provide payments links globally.

  • Data Overview

FinView provides your client with the ability to update their contact data.

  • Pay in one go

If your client wants to pay in one go, no problem. The app generates an immediate payment link for this.

  • Payment plan options

Your client can create their own payment schedule. Once approved by your team, the app handles payment links and notifies the client when they need to pay.

  • Communicate anytime

FinView uses the CollectIC Communications API providing multi-channel options for your client to have contact with your teams.

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