Significantly increasing your contact rates

Automated Debtor Tracing Services

Locate untraceable defaulting debtors with our Forensic Technology and contact them on their current contact information to significantly improve your contact rate. If you want the perfect debtor tracing services, send your details to us through an online form or call us at +44(0)1376 800592.

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Data Find new contact data with our Online Enrichment Engine

Our Online Skip-Tracing brings together the very best top-tier technology used by law enforcement agencies to find new public contact data on people and business, worldwide!

Developed in combination with our strategic partner Web-IQ, this service is available in combination with our digital collections solutions that is widely used by collection agencies across Europe and the UK.

Benefits How does this help you?

Know your Debtor

We find new contact data points that helps us to better know your debtor, and the channels they prefer to use.

Faster recovery

Our platform is fully automated and uses machine learning to determine when to look for new information. Takes seconds not days!

CollectIC Insights Sales

Improved ROI

At the end of the day, the CollectIC automated Skip-Tracing solution helps improve recovery rates on any portfolio!

Benefits How it works

We push untraceable profiles to our Skip Tracing API

Taking all historical contact data we have on file, that is identified as untraceable or invalid, we push this automatically via our API to our AI skip tracing solution.

We crawl for new contact details

Our solution is fully GDPR compliant and only searches current and historical public sources.

Debtco quality check process

Upon the receiving the results, we filter and apply matching logic to ensure we have the cleanest data set. We are constantly tweaking the engines to improve our output performance.

Profile enriched, workflow automatically begins

As soon as we have received the freshest contact data, we enrich the profile and our intelligent automated workflows kick off our programmable communications.

Process takes seconds rather traditional tracing sources that takes days!

Performance Significant lift on new contact points for collection files older than 18 months!


Netherlands Improved Contact Points


Rest of world Improved Contact Points

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